See why businesses connected to Carlisle and Cumbria have joined as members of Carlisle Ambassadors. We are very proud to collaborate with so many individuals, businesses and organisations who work together to make the area a better place to work, live, invest and visit.

H and H Insurance Brokers

 H H Insurance brokers Carlisle Ambassadors

H&H have been part of the Carlisle landscape since the 1870’s and at H&H Insurance Brokers Ltd we are proud of our heritage & keen to be play our part in helping make Carlisle and Cumbria a success


Carlisle Eden Mind

“Carlisle Eden Mind is pleased to be part of the Carlisle Ambassadors because we would like to broaden our network with local businesses to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace.”





“Becoming a part of Carlisle Ambassadors has provided an opportunity to work alongside likeminded, passionate people to make a difference to our great city and the people who live in and visit it.”



Crazy Monkey

Amanda-Lee“A few years ago I began to understand that nobody should be doing a job that makes them unhappy, and too many people were over worked, stressed, anxious and depressed. Our lives are short, and that time should not be spent just paying bills. So I began to focus both my roles as a Media Lecturer at Carlisle College, and lead trainer and owner of Crazy Monkey UK, on how I can empower people to get more out of life.

Whether it is using Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to train people how to reconnect their mind and bodies, manage stress and use mindfulness in action, or motivational talks, life coaching and raising awareness of the damaging impact of the media. I became aware of Carlisle Ambassadors through social media and could see that they were also trying to make the world a better place. I am to add my voice to this cause.”


Jardine Finan
png-logo“We are keen to engage in local initiatives to show off our wonderful city and help to further improve and grow Carlisle’s reputation as a destination city.”


MDIS – Martin Daley Investigation Services

MDIS-LogoAs someone who is passionate about my home city, I’m delighted to be part of the Carlisle Ambassadors. Such an initiative, involving organisations of all sizes from across the various sectors, continues the city’s rich industrial history of producing nationally and internationally recognised companies.


University of Cumbria

Carlisle Ambassadors is a great opportunity to meet the business community and to be kept informed of new initiatives.  It also provides a route to market for the sharing of good practice and ideas.  It enables us to forge new partnerships for more effective working and mutual benefit.


Ken Herd – Ken Herd Business Development

“I see a different way of business to business working through Ambassadors. There is a desire to help each other, and give others that help to develop. ”


Eva Foran – Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

“Cumbria Chamber has a synergy with Carlisle Ambassador in working together to support business growth and enhance the economy of Cumbria.”


Claire Louise Armstrong – Big Beans Design

“Ambassadors think BIG, connect, collaborate and change. And that gives me a fabulously funky feeling that something wonderful is about to happen!”


Glenys Kett – Cumbria Community Foundation

Cumbria-Community-Foundation-Logo-PRINT“Carlisle Ambassadors with its commitment to make Carlisle an even better place in which to live work and invest is a good fit to our work in making communities healthy, growing, strong and resilient.  We know the commitment that people have to their communities and the hands on approach of Carlisle Ambassadors typifies this spirit.”

Wendy Ambler – Crown Hotel Wetheral

“We wanted to be part of Carlisle Ambassadors as we felt that it was an organisation that was demonstrating a full understanding of the “spirit of partnership”.

2013-Logo-bStuart Edgar – Carlisle Business Supplies

“We’re all Carlisle Ambassadors. This venture will bring focus and help build a future for Carlisle. It’s imperative that business does everything it can to help promote the City and the county beyond. Socially and economically we can’t just sit back and hope it happens, we need to make sure it happens.”

Coulson_Associates_e (Small)Sue Coulson – Coulson Associates

“Being based in the South of the County, you can often feel a little disjointed from activity in the North of the County, due to striving to ensure as an organisation that we are involved with all areas of the business community and recent collaboration with NXT Recruitment who are based in Carlisle as well as being delivery partner for the Cumbria Family Business Network, we felt it was an important step in developing further business relationships and collaborations by becoming part of the Carlisle Ambassadors Journey.”

unnamedDr Kaz Stuart – Kaz Stuart Leadership

“I want to support Carlisle Ambassadors as I am passionate about supporting leaders and managers in Cumbria to make it a place where everyone in society can thrive.”


400dpiLogo (1)Katherine Rutherford ~ Happy Mums Foundation

“Being part of Carlisle Ambassadors gives us the chance to do our bit for our city, as well as raise awareness of the work of The Happy Mums Foundation and the importance of good maternal mental health for current and future generations in our area.”


pix green wideLinda Bussey ~ PixL Photography

“I support Carlisle Ambassadors because I believe Carlisle is a hidden gem. Overshadowed by the Lake District, the city deserves it’s own voice and a positive profile. With its friendly people, oodles of history, quirky architecture and a vibrant café/bar culture, it’s a great place to visit and wander around with a camera. ”

Sue Kaveney ~ Kaveney HR Solutions Ltd

“Carlisle is my home town and I am proud and privileged to have established my business here in 2008. I have been supported by many local businesses who are now clients and so am happy to ensure we work together to firmly establish Carlisle as a place to live, work and prosper.”

world_healthGareth Presch ~ World Health Innovation Summit

“World Health Innovation Summit is proud to be a member of the Carlisle Ambassadors as we share the same values. A business community workingt together to improve Carlisle as a better City to live and work in. We hope we can work successfully with other ambassadors to bring economic and social value to the region.”

innovuswideElaine White ~ Innovus

“Innovus wishes to encourage innovation and collaboration throughout the county.  This scheme is an excellent example of how various businesses can add value not only for the businesses involved but the community at large.”

TNCAAim Coombe ~ North Cumbria Creative Arts

“With the support of business members of Carlisle Ambassadors NCCA will help to attract visitors to the rural part of north Cumbria around Carlisle as it grows a reputation for being an artistic hotspot.  This is good for both the local economy and local people. ”



Melanie Taylor ~ M Taylor Associates Limited

“Life is about so much more than work, and we see Carlisle Ambassadors as a great opportunity to put something back into the local community.”

cclogoAndy Dodds ~ Assistant Director, Carlisle College

“Carlisle Ambassadors provides Carlisle College with a further way in which we can have a real impact on the future of the city.  With access to a powerful group of influencers and leading business people we can simultaneously further the aims of the College whilst, as a united goal, contributing to the vibrancy of the City – it is networking with a purpose.”


Andy King ~ Regional Director (North)

“GLL are passionate about Carlisle and the surrounding area and intend to work with partners to make real and tangible differences to the quality of lives of the people who live and visit the area.  We are convinced that the only way significant and long-term changes can be brought about is by working in partnership with like-minded and equally passionate people.  This is Carlisle Ambassadors.”

The-Halston_Black-2-page-001Simon Harrison ~ Owner, The Halston Aparthotel

“We need proactive partnerships between public and private sector and the people who live and make up the city and county. I believe Carlisle Ambassadors is the vehicle for this. It’s not just “another networking group”. It is group of like-minded people who are passionate about our county, collaborating to influence it socially, economically and physically. Bring time, energy, resource and expertise to the table…”

cartmellshepherdCarol Fish ~ Partner in Cartmell Shepherd

“We live and work in a fantastic place and we need to make others aware of what Carlisle and Cumbria have to offer both for individuals and businesses. Carlisle Ambassadors provides an ideal platform to do this and to engage with others to improve and promote our area. Cartmell Shepherd are delighted to be a part of this.”


storyhomesFred Story, CEO of Story Contracting & Chairman, Story Homes

“I support, and take an active role in the Carlisle Ambassadors group because l believe it can make Carlisle a better place to live, to visit and to do business in. Ideas turn into action in this group. Collectively we can make a difference to influence the future of the city.”



Suzanne Kidd ~ Carlisle United Football Club

“We think this is a fantastic initiative to better our City, our people and local business are our biggest assets and together we can work to improve the life for everyone around the city and future generations to come.”


David-Allen-blue-logo-for-Carlisle-AmbassadorsKerrie Allison ~ David Allen

“We joined Carlisle Ambassadors as we believe in investing not only in our people but in our community too. We are proud to be part of Carlisle Ambassadors and look forward to working with other members to make a real difference in our wonderful county that has Carlisle at its heart.”

google_prof_pic_colourMark Connor – Six Degrees Recruitment

“We as a business have been really blown away by the passion and support to promote Carlisle in the first few meetings we have attended, It provides a great opportunity to build on local connections to support the city as a whole. We are looking forward to getting involved with some of the exciting projects planned. As a business we focus on candidate attraction to the area and face the challenge of keeping the existing talent within the county so a programme such as this is beneficial to achieving both aim

Ultimate-Security-Investigation-LogoGreg Kelly ~ Ultimate Security and Investigation Ltd

“I see membership of the Carlisle Ambassadors as an opportunity to support my long held belief that Carlisle has much more to offer. It will be a Hub for local businesses and entrepreneurs to bring together ideas from a hugely varied background and turn them into positive action to benefit the community, increase tourism and expand business alike.”



Heath and Jackie ~ Anvil Hall

“A great opportunity to join local business people who are passionate about the place where they do business, & about the city and surrounding areas. We are passionate about the area’s past and want to join passionate, positive people help create a fantastic future.”


Paramount-Legal-Logo1Karen Walsh ~ Paramount Legal Costs Ltd

“Being part of the process which is going to develop business and leisure ideas in Carlisle is really exciting. This is why supporting Carlisle Ambassadors is really important to all of us at Paramount Legal Costs”


Endurance-Sports-logo-2Mike James ~ Endurance Sports & Gelt Gladiator

“My reason for being part of Carlisle Ambassadors is to help create new and innovative ideas for Carlisle. I love Carlisle and believe there are enough skilled people to work together in order to promote a better Carlisle for everyone. Being a member gives you a platform to get your ideas heard by influential people who may not be so accessible in your normal working environment.

Bell-RachaelRachael Bell Wealth Management

“I feel it is a privilege to have the opportunity and potential to help shape our city, promote what we have to everyone, encourage the next generation, support local business and at the same time learn from the amazing experience amongst our ambassadors to develop myself at the same time.  It also feels very genuine and not full of hot air, jargon and business speak. Everyone seems to want the same things and to walk the talk!”


Richard Wise ~ Trustee of Eden Valley Hospice

“This is about positive people who aim to make Carlisle & the area more prosperous & an even better place to live. I share this goal and joined the group to be a part of this exciting project. We have only just started but it was clear from the outset that members have some great ideas and that the group’s enthusiasm is infectious. Imaginative ideas that were just thoughts in peoples minds are suddenly becoming real projects that could make a really positive difference. Watch this space!”

93521.003-RBS_RBS_Logo_Primary_WhiteGeorgie McRoberts ~ Royal Bank of Scotland 

“We want to see Carlisle thrive and the Ambassadors is a great vehicle to help Carlisle, its businesses and its people get the best from the City.”




Simon Glencross ~ NXT Recruitment

“NXT Recruitment joined Carlisle Ambassadors to be part of changing Carlisle for the better. After all, the city of Carlisle is our city, we have the collective power to shape the future, always thinking and moving forward to achieve our goals.”



Highest-Branch-Logo-Reworked-Landscape-TemporaryDavid Martin – Highest Branch

“I like doing things differently, asking why “it has to be this way” and looking at the bigger picture. It seems to me, Carlisle Ambassadors are the same. Business has the power to change things for good and not just for profit. I think we can harness this in Carlisle”



Sue McDonald – Macmillan Cancer Support

“Being  part of Carlisle Ambassadors, will give Macmillan Cancer Support an opportunity to raise awareness of the support we can provide to individuals and companies alike. Our fundraising manager based in Carlisle can also provide advice and support if you, or your company, would like to make a difference to people affected by cancer in the local community. We also hope that via the Ambassadors we can help ensure that no one in Cumbria faces cancer alone.”



This-is-My-Film-logoJohn Smale ~ This Is My Film

“A great opportunity to become involved in an organisation that is serious about boosting the profile and business success of the city and surrounding area. By gathering together a large and motivated group of business leaders, owners and specialists, CA has harnessed the appetite for change and growth that the wider community around Carlisle and Cumbria has. We all want to grow and develop our businesses, and CA has already proven its power and ability to help facilitate that growth. By helping to build the strongest possible business community in the area, everyone involved can look forward to a brighter and busier future.”


Andy and Rho Fearon ~ Carlisle Vineyard

“We are totally honoured and so excited to be part of what we believe will be a catalyst to make Carlisle an even better city than it already is.  It’s amazing to join with others who love this city and the surrounding area… and it’s really exciting to imagine how together we can bring about projects and ideas which will not only impact those already living here, but will attract those who haven’t yet had the privilege of meeting, seeing and experiencing this amazing city!”

BTC-Logo-higher-res_edited-1Kate Wilson ~ Business Toolbox Cumbria

“I may be a little biased as I manage the CA with Michelle Masters, but  to see the progress made within first months of 2015 on projects to make Carlisle and wider Cumbria a better and more “joined up” place to live, work, invest and visit is inspiring. I have great hopes for the future of Carlisle Ambassadors. The programme is making a concrete difference, and will only get stronger and stronger!


Kevin Walsh ~ Rotary Club (Brampton & Longtown) 

“Rotary is the original networking group.  Over 110 years ago 4 professionals met in an office in Chicago because they wanted to meet new people and share ideas.  They soon found themselves undertaking good works in their community.  The idea spread very quickly and there are now business and professional men and women and community leaders worldwide carrying on this tradition.  Rotary needs to be an active part of its community and this opportunity to work within Carlisle Ambassadors team is an excellent way of us doing just that.”

rc-logoCollette Butterworth ~ Responsible Consulting

“I relocated to Carlisle over three years ago and have been blown away by the beauty of Cumbria and the friendliness of the people here.  So many people have shown me great kindness that  felt moved to do something.  When I heard about Carlisle Ambassadors I thought – this is it!  A bunch of good people wanting to do good stuff.  It feels like a positive social movement and I am excited to be part of it”

Carlisle Youth Zone Logo

 Lynsey Buckle ~ Carlisle Youth Zone

There is something very special about the collective power a group of people have when they come together with a love and passion for their city. This is an opportunity for Carlisle to be ambitious, be strong and be inspiring – surely this is what we want for our children’s future and the future of our amazing city.


TG-LogoLockUp-1 borderRoger Smith ~ MD, Thomas Graham & Sons Ltd

“ I am a Carlisle boy, great to meet like-minded people to learn off, and hopefully give something back where I can”

Carlisle Ambassadors Saint & Co

Lindsay Farrer ~ Partner, Saint & Co

I am Carlisle born and bred and am keen to see Carlisle and Carlisle people succeed locally, nationally and internationally. I feel Carlisle Ambassadors will help to achieve this success.


Soni Cox ~ Owner, My Way Code

After coming along to my first meeting in March 2015 and witnessing that rather than being just another networking meeting; I not only got to see and hear authentic calls for action, businesses willing to back projects that have local social impact but also a receptive audience, I felt that as a social enterprise looking to give back to society, this was a great environment to be part of. I look forward to being a member.