Gareth Presch Carlisle Ambassadors WHIS

Gareth outlining his vision for World Health Innovation Summit

Gareth Presch has been an incredibly supportive member of CA for some time, and has rolled up his sleeves on many projects already. It was a pleasure to hear him outlining his plans for the March 2016 World Health Innovation Summit that he is bringing to Carlisle. What a way to showcase our city to hundreds of health professionals – many of whom may not have visited before!

The summit will take place at Old Fire Station in March 2016, and you can download the programme at the bottom of this page.

To support inspiring platforms around the world that encourage innovation and knowledge exchange to improve health and social care.
To set the benchmark in providing and supporting health and social care summits around the world.
  1. World Health Innovation Summit – Community Interest Company
  2. Profits after costs will go back into the community through grants and bursaries
  3. The management team run the day to day operations of the business
  4. Non-exec directors allocate funding after costs to good causes
To support the best platform for knowledge exchange in health and social care
To work with our communities – patients, clinicians, managers, voluntary sector, education and businesses
To share knowledge and best practice around the world