Bring value to each CA event and also enjoy being part of it

We have created the following brief to give some guidance on how you, as a part of the Carlisle Ambassadors’ meeting, can really bring something valuable to the audience:

  1. Must be able to relate the speech and project back to the benefits to Carlisle and wider Cumbria.
  2. Give value to the audience either by information given or motivation given.
  3. If you are presenting opportunities on local spending plans, we welcome a brief background to your business, but people will be very interested in how they can work more closely with you so please focus on this. Even if your targets are not all in the room, those present may well know of others who could be your local suppliers of the future.
  4. No obvious selling or plugging of your business
  5. Not spoken before at any of our other meetings unless a member of the steering group or you have a significant new development to relay.
  6. Only talk about projects that have been completed, or confirmed / in progress …. NOT just ideas.
  7. Time slot to be 5-15 mins. It is vital that you keep to the time allotted, and we will indicate the need to finish quickly if you over run!
  8. Presentation to be submitted at least 10 days before event, and generally to be a maximum of 10 slides. This is important, as although your content is “yours”, we do reserve the right to make suggestions or ask for the slides to be reduced. We do not want to deliver death by PowerPoint!
Carlisle Ambassadors' Speaker Guidelines

We ask for these guidelines to be followed, and aspire to the following where possible. The business should be a Cumbrian business, have a Cumbrian base, or the project “involves” Cumbria. Alternatively, you may be an exemplary figure who can inspire & show CA how to succeed as you have done elsewhere. Or you are a business figurehead (size of business not important) who is a confident speaker & relates to our aims.

It might sound like we are being prescriptive, but this is all about delivering an excellent event and encouraging people to engage with the speakers. We really appreciate all who give up their time to join our meeting as a speaker – hopefully these guidelines give a fair outline for everyone.

Carlisle Ambassadors' Speaker Guidelines
Carlisle Ambassadors' Speaker Guidelines
Carlisle Ambassadors' Speaker Guidelines