Carlisle sets out its stall to recruit the city’s latest Ambassadors

You will no doubt of heard of Carlisle Ambassadors… they are people who love Carlisle, they are people who support this Cumbrian centre of business, tourism and culture, who want to benefit from a strong and influential network, and are interested in making a difference for the future growth and development of the City.

The scheme now some three and a half years old has successfully united a whole host of businesses, organisations and individuals across the area in a powerful network that has begun to significantly change perceptions of the city and raise this ancient city’s profile, locally, regionally and nationally.

Inspired by this burgeoning network Carlisle’s young people have set about getting in on the act by joining in with the process to shape the City for their future…

The outline idea for Carlisle Young Ambassadors was highlighted at a meeting of Carlisle Ambassadors earlier this year, and now the youngsters mean business as they gear up to hold their first ever ‘Scoping' meeting with the city's movers and shakers on Thursday 17 January 2019, at the Carlisle Tourist Information Centre’s Assembly Rooms, from 1pm to 2.30pm.

Like their adult counterparts these young residents believe that they should be able to play a full and active part in raising ambition and aspiration amongst young people, and that they should be able to make a meaningful and important contribution to the development of the city.

Young Carlisle Ambassadors

They strongly believe that they and other young residents should be able to put forward ideas to create opportunities which reflect their interests and abilities. Ideas that will help attract people to visit and live in the area, as well as encouraging those already here to stay, and persuade investors and developers to see Carlisle as a place worth investing in and create and attract new high value jobs, whilst keeping the ones we have.

Carlisle is a great place to live, work and have fun. It is a place with world renowned attractions, fantastic scenery, an amazing history, loads of sports and activities to get involved with; great businesses and its well connected.

Carlisle’s Young Ambassadors have a tremendous opportunity to develop and shape the City for their futures. However, in a fast changing world we have to do things differently to get the results we want.

By working together side by side we can get things done and compete nationally and internationally like never before.

We have a compelling new story for Carlisle, together we need to tell it and sell it. Are you ready to step up and meet the challenge and shape your future?

If you want to get the necessary skills and experience and to be able to have the confidence to become the next big thing in business then get involved in Carlisle Young Ambassadors.

To become a member of Carlisle Ambassadors please get in touch by emailing and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Carlisle Ambassadors' Speaker Guidelines
Carlisle Ambassadors' Speaker Guidelines
Carlisle Ambassadors' Speaker Guidelines