The Carlisle Story

Take a look at the Carlisle Story video, and below you’ll find a heap of resources to promote the area.

We are always adding new resources as they become available; if you have any images that you would be happy for Ambassadors to use to promote Carlisle and surrounds, or ideas for projects we can collaborate on please email us at

Carlisle Resources

Links and Downloads

Here are a list of links and downloadable PDFs for you to use freely to promote Carlisle, and your business or organisation within the city. We are very grateful to those who create links back to the Carlisle Ambassadors’ website as this helps to create even more awareness of our community, and what we can achieve together.


The Carlisle Story Book: We all want Carlisle to be successful! We want to attract people to visit and live in the area, encourage those here already to stay, persuade investors and developers to see us as a place worth investing in and create and attract new jobs whilst keeping the ones we have.

At the same time, it is important to raise ambition and aspiration amongst local residents, young people and businesses. We need to encourage people to view us in a positive light by explaining why we are special, how we are creating a better place, what we offer and our plans for the future.

Download the Carlisle Story Book: Carlisle Story Book PDF

The links below give you access to a great visual guide to why Carlisle is a great place to live, work, invest and visit. If you would like paper copies of these please let us know.

Download the mini Prospectus: Carlisle Mini Prospectus

Download the wide Prospectus: Carlisle Wide Prospectus

The Carlisle Toolkit introduces and shapes a visual expression which is used to communicate and illustrate Carlisle’s unique story. The expression is based on the city’s big idea and themes.

Download the Carlisle Toolkit: The Carlisle Toolkit

Download Carlisle Ambassadors’ Logo: Carlisle Ambassadors’ Logo 400 x 400