See why businesses connected to Carlisle and Cumbria have joined as members of Carlisle Ambassadors. We are very proud to collaborate with so many individuals, businesses and organisations who work together to make the area a better place to work, live, invest and visit.
Becoming a part of Carlisle Ambassadors has provided an opportunity to work alongside likeminded, passionate people to make a difference to our great city and the people who live in and visit it.
We are keen to engage in local initiatives to show off our wonderful city and help to further improve and grow Carlisle’s reputation as a destination city.
Carlisle Ambassadors is a great opportunity to meet the business community and to be kept informed of new initiatives.  It also provides a route to market for the sharing of good practice and ideas.  It enables us to forge new partnerships for more effective working and mutual benefit.

Ambassadors think BIG, connect, collaborate and change. And that gives me a fabulously funky feeling that something wonderful is about to happen!
Claire Louise Armstrong

World Health Innovation Summit is proud to be a member of the Carlisle Ambassadors as we share the same values. A business community workingt together to improve Carlisle as a better City to live and work in. We hope we can work successfully with other ambassadors to bring economic and social value to the region.
Gareth Presch
Carlisle Ambassadors provides Carlisle College with a further way in which we can have a real impact on the future of the city.  With access to a powerful group of influencers and leading business people we can simultaneously further the aims of the College whilst, as a united goal, contributing to the vibrancy of the City – it is networking with a purpose.
Andy Dodds - Assistant Director
We need proactive partnerships between public and private sector and the people who live and make up the city and county. I believe Carlisle Ambassadors is the vehicle for this. It’s not just “another networking group”. It is group of like-minded people who are passionate about our county, collaborating to influence it socially, economically and physically. Bring time, energy, resource and expertise to the table…
Simon Harrison - Owner
We live and work in a fantastic place and we need to make others aware of what Carlisle and Cumbria have to offer both for individuals and businesses. Carlisle Ambassadors provides an ideal platform to do this and to engage with others to improve and promote our area. Cartmell Shepherd are delighted to be a part of this.
Carol Fish - Partner
I support, and take an active role in the Carlisle Ambassadors group because l believe it can make Carlisle a better place to live, to visit and to do business in. Ideas turn into action in this group. Collectively we can make a difference to influence the future of the city.
Fred Story, CEO of Story Contracting & Chairman, Story Homes
We joined Carlisle Ambassadors as we believe in investing not only in our people but in our community too. We are proud to be part of Carlisle Ambassadors and look forward to working with other members to make a real difference in our wonderful county that has Carlisle at its heart.
Kerrie Allison
I am a Carlisle boy, great to meet like-minded people to learn off, and hopefully give something back where I can.
Roger Smith - MD
We are totally honoured and so excited to be part of what we believe will be a catalyst to make Carlisle an even better city than it already is.  It’s amazing to join with others who love this city and the surrounding area… and it’s really exciting to imagine how together we can bring about projects and ideas which will not only impact those already living here, but will attract those who haven’t yet had the privilege of meeting, seeing and experiencing this amazing city!
Andy and Rho Fearon