• To be considerate to other members and no bullying or abuse allowed, any complaints upheld could result in cancellation of membership.
  • To only allow lanyards to be worn by actual paid employees or directors, not to be given to consultants etc.
  • To give apologies, if you cannot attend a meeting.
  • To pay your invoices promptly, we will cancel tickets for meetings if invoices are not paid.
  • No selling at all, of any products of any kind, at any of our meetings.
  • No mass leaflet handouts allowed.
  • Please do not place leaflets/flyers on any of the round tables or on chairs, a member’s only table is provided, to place your literature on.
  • No pop-up banners to showcase without prior approval.
  • Member offers can only be applied to services, events or first customer orders ie:- 10% off your order, not individual products/items. We can only promote services, events or first orders etc and in moderation.


  • Pure and blatant advertising of any form is not permitted
  • Posting of non-business events.
  • No job adverts allowed, only freelance or tender opportunities.
  • Posting of courses is not allowed
  • Asking of monies, sponsorship, raffles prizes etc
  • Posts to fulfil business or business client’s commercial requirements
  • Any form of abuse, swearing or bullying

We will issue one warning and then you will be removed from the Social Media groups; abuse or bullying will result in instant removal.