I’m being inundated with requests to market to our members.

Sadly, this is not what Carlisle Ambassadors is about and our members do not want to be bombarded with spam, asking for monies etc.

So here are the opportunities to promote your business to members:


  • You can leave your business cards/flyers on the member’s table at our live events (do not spam these members and send them mass emails, this goes against GDPR rules and members leave their details in good faith)
  • You can put your events/offers on the Carlisle Ambassador’s online member directory
  • You can post once every 24 hours in the Facebook Carlisle Ambassadors group, or the LinkedIn Carlisle Ambassador’s group (No events, programmes, asking for monies, jobs etc.). We only allow good news stories.
  • Tag me into your good news stories on social media and I can then share your post. Please don’t send word document press releases, I can’t share those
  • Showcase opportunities at each Ambassador event (depending on theme)
  • Attendance of 4 live Carlisle Ambassador events and 1 live marketing event
  • Possible speaker opportunities
  • Attendance of member only Zoom catch ups, to tell us what you do
  • Contact members off our online directory, not spamming as this is against GDPR rules, but to catch up and use their services


  • Attendance of one live event.
  • Contact members off our online directory, not spamming as this is against GDPR rules, but to catch up and use their services


We reserve the right to decline membership if we feel members would not obey the rules or fit our objectives.

We reserve the right to not approve memberships, if there have been any issues of bullying or nastiness towards our staff/project manager or other Carlisle Ambassador members in the past. We uphold our right to not proceed with membership. We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour, past or present.

  • To be considerate to other members and no bullying or abuse allowed, any complaints upheld could result in cancellation of membership.
  • To only allow lanyards to be worn by actual paid employees or directors, not to be given to consultants etc.
  • To give apologies, if you cannot attend a meeting.
  • To pay your invoices promptly, we will cancel tickets for meetings if invoices are not paid.
  • No selling at all, of any products of any kind, at any of our meetings.
  • No mass leaflet handouts allowed.
  • Please do not place leaflets/flyers on any of the round tables or on chairs, a member’s only table is provided, to place your literature on.
  • No pop-up banners to showcase without prior approval.
  • Member offers can only be applied to services, events or first customer orders ie:- 10% off your order, not individual products/items. We can only promote services, events or first orders etc and in moderation.
  • Please note members events on the listings are for member only events, please do not post/promote events which relate to non-members. 
  • If an event is a joint event, all the companies must be members to list the event.
  • SOS requests can only relate to members own businesses.
  • If a member doesn't pay their invoice and is removed from our membership for non-payment, we will remove you from our database, website listing, Facebook groups, Twitter lists, LinkedIn group etc.
  • Agree to being on photographs/videos taken by ourselves or by other members at our events.
  • We reserve the right to cancel memberships if invoices remain unpaid, in relation to membership fees, sponsorships, events or showcase fees. If invoices are not paid in full, before the next Carlisle Ambassador's event we reserve the right to cancel your ticket and showcase if applicable.


  • Pure and blatant advertising of any form is not permitted
  • Posting of non-business events.
  • No job adverts allowed, only freelance or tender opportunities.
  • Posting of courses is not allowed
  • Asking of monies, sponsorship, raffles prizes etc
  • Posts to fulfil business or business client’s commercial requirements
  • Any form of abuse, swearing or bullying

We will issue one warning and then you will be removed from the Social Media groups; abuse or bullying will result in instant removal.