Do you know we really look after our members?  Not many other networking organisations in the UK do what we do.

Our membership is great value for money, you get the following:

  • 4/5 meetings a year including lunch
  • First choice to other events and training
  • We share your good news stories/ business events
  • Business listing on our website
  • Lanyards and certificate
  • First choice to have showcases at our meeting
  • Chance to become Carlisle Ambassador of the week
  • Network with 200-250 businesses/organisations
  • Get updates on business opportunities within the City
  • A chance to ask members for skills help
  • A chance to share your business opportunities/events
  • Chance to deliver and help with projects in the City
  • Chance to help the community with projects like 'Give A Day to The City'
Carlisle Ambassador Member Benefits

Help us make the most of carlisle

Latest Offers

Lots of companies are adding to this list of perks available to each other.
Take a look at the most recent offers:

Day rate discount offer

01228 402320
Mobile broadband connection


01228 599898
10% Discount for members

10% Discount for members


Vodafone Deal + Tech Funding!

01539 898125

Workplace & Business Special Offer

01228 521545
£500 off your placement fee

£500 off your placement fee

01228 596288