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The Community Data Cooperative

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Making data work for you and your community.

We are a new community Co-op, launched 1st May 2020 in Cumbria.
Our vision is “Data for Good”.
Our purpose is to gather, protect, understand and monetise Member and community data for the benefit of Members and their communities, primarily in the context of improving their physical, social and mental wellbeing.
We are a unique in that we are a research business owned by the community, where individuals and businesses can gather, collaborate and benefit from the sale of their data, creating funds for community projects, new jobs and wealth for local distribution.
We offer public and private sector organisations seeking insights for solutions to their own challenges a trusted source of feedback and ideas.
We believe out timing is sadly appropriate given current circumstances - you may have seen the Independent SAGE report back in May... we’ll leave the last word to them.
"Communities and civil society organisations should have a voice, be informed, engaged and participatory in the exit from lockdown. This pandemic starts and ends within communities. Full participation and engagement of those communities [...] will assist with enabling control measures. Conversely, a top-down approach risks losing their support and trust. There is an urgent need for government to demonstrate such active participation from communities from around the country.”
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