Gareth Presch on passion for Carlisle Ambassadors & World Health Innovation Summit

Gareth Presch on passion for Carlisle Ambassadors & World Health Innovation Summit

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Carlisle Ambassadors has been, and will always be, in the DNA of the World Health Innovation Summit. It was April last year when I sat in the Carlisle Ambassadors meeting at the racecourse and witnessed the unprecedented good will and effort made by the business community to deliver meaningful projects that influence the future of the City and impact on health care.

Investment in housing, energy, education and a new airport. But the elephant in the room was who would provide the health care given our current circumstances regarding local recruitment to the NHS and rising costs?  It was on this basis that I came up with the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS). The idea was simple - give everyone and every sector the opportunity to share knowledge so we all benefit. Every sector needs a strong health economy as it's prized asset is the employee. Look after them and the rest follows.

We've just been hit by the floods and we need a boost to attract people back to our region. What better way to showcase the region than by bringing a new innovative way of working that will get the World talking -  hosting the World Health Innovation Summit right here in Carlisle, Cumbria.

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I recently saw a post on Facebook from a friend stating that "Trust is the Oil of the Future". I believe that WHIS and Carlisle Ambassadors embrace this statement. We're leading the future of business, because businesses that contribute to their communities in a positive light will prosper and those that don't will suffer - the principles of what CA is all about.

With the World Health Innovation Summit emanating from the great border city of Carlisle, we have the opportunity to raise the profile of the City and County on the World stage. World Health Innovation Summit is going to bring opportunities in investment, tourism and most importantly in our health economy for us as a City and the wider county of Cumbria. Health care in our region is under pressure, it's also under pressure nationally and internationally, WHIS is not just about a single meeting, it's more than that. In many ways it is similar to the Carlisle Ambassadors, in that we'll create the same constructive environment for us to deliver solutions that improve our health economy which means we all benefit.

We are reaching into the global medical industry, the health & wellbeing industry (Mental Health) and the next generation through WHIS kids. All of these streams bring their own opportunities. Nobody has ever done anything like this before and it's why we are attracting interest from near and far. It's something we should be very proud of in Carlisle and Cumbria.

The-Halston_Black-2-page-001On the 10th & 11th March 2016 it begins right here at the Halston. 30 local, national and international experts arrive to work with us and share their knowledge but also to learn from us as a community. We have the opportunity to showcase our great City and County and improve our health services locally by learning new ways of working together. Come and join us on those dates and contribute to the future of not only our health services but to our community's future.

In less than a year online we've reached over 80 countries and we achieve over 350,000 impressions a month via our social media feeds. It's a community that is growing and one we are actively engaged with on a daily basis. Our vision is clear. March is the beginning of our events and activities locally, nationally and internationally.

We have WHIS Kids in our schools focusing on health and wellbeing, our adult activities in the area of health & wellbeing begin on the 5th March at Hayton Castle. This is the first of 5 scheduled events in Cumbria this year on this topic before we move to Greece in October. In between we have WHIS events in London and Austria and in 2017 we will come back to Cumbria before going to Brazil, Ireland, Holland, US and beyond.

Our City motto "Be Just & Fear Not" links quite nicely with our own WHIS motto "Together, We Inspire" - we are the dreamers, we are the visionaries, now let's work together to showcase our City and County. Click here for full details of the programme. If you would like to attend the WHIS, please note there are still a few tickets available for the evening sessions. These promise to be full of lively debate and warm hospitality!

We are delighted that the University of Cumbria is sponsoring The World Health Innovation Summit in March. There are still some sponsorship opportunities available to you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss further. You can view more details here.   [caption id="attachment_3264" align="alignleft" width="742"]Jordan Hull Triathlete & WHIS ambassador (Ben Priest Photography) Jordan Hull Triathlete & WHIS ambassador (Ben Priest Photography)

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